Sunday, August 30, 2009

The triumph of the Cherry Tomato

We have a Farmer's Market downtown on Thursday's in our town.

I can't tell you the name of the vendor where I got these sweet red snacks least not yet. But I'll let you know.

These red delights are wonderful. They taste just like they did when I was growing up. Talk about a bargain! The freshness is unbelievable. You know the saying that you don't realize what you're missing until you get it again. Well this is one of those things. I was so excited to get a hold of some cherry tomatoes because our local grocery stores really only carries grape tomatoes. When I do splurge on the netted bag of cherry tomatoes they are the larger ones and don't taste or pop in your mouth like these wonderful fruits.

I popped one of these guys in my mouth immediately upon purchase...bam.. there it was...a tomato! The way God intended it, without hydroponics or genetically altered parents. A good old fashioned cherry tomoato. It was warm and firm and it tasted heavenly. I bought two containers for $2.00! I've finished the first one and I have to make the second one last 5 days until the next Farmer's Market. I'm planning my lunches around them! During my shopping excursion at Sam's Club today I bought some snack cheese and multi grain crackers to pack with my lunch. (I'm planning on the tomatoes being my dessert.) I would love to grow some of these plants one day...but for now I'll have to go to the Farmer's Market.

Speaking of Sam's husband and I went today. For a rare treat we had lunch together...alone in this Italian eatery. The baked ziti was pretty good. My husband devoured his sausage and pepper spaghetti. We'll have to go back there sometime and get it to go. This little restaurant is right across from the Englewood Dam. A little Italian picnic in the wooded area would be a sweet way to spend lunch another day. Actually it could be the perfect place for a picnic...

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